A collection of task oriented solutions in Puppet


Welcome to the Puppet CookBook

Puppet is an amazingly powerful and flexible tool. It's one that can change your daily work flow for the better once you start using it, but like all open ended tools, it can take a little while to become familiar with.

Over the years of using puppet I've noticed that people often come up with the same kind of requests, "How do I restart this service when the config file changes?", "How can I include a package in multiple places?", and while puppet can easily fulfil these needs sometimes the documentation is more focused on the tool itself rather than what can be achieved with it. Throughout this site I'll attempt to answer task driven questions and provide somewhere that I can point people to in the future.


And now the disclaimers. Puppet is owned by the excellent people at Puppet Labs who I am not representing and who are in no way responsible for this site.

All the recipes are only here to help and should be checked carefully before being run. We accept no responsibility for any issues that may arise from the use of the examples on this site.