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Show Puppet Config Settings


How do I find the value of a config setting in puppet?


# show the value of a single setting
# this defaults to the [main] part of puppet.conf
$ puppet config print modulepath

# show the value of a single setting from [master]
$ puppet config print --section master modulepath

# show all config setting values
$ puppet config print

# can also be more explicit
$ puppet config print all

# show all config settings and explanations
sudo puppet master --genconfig
... snip ...
# Whether to print a transaction summary.
# summarize = false
... snip ...


Sometimes you just need to know what puppet 'thinks' the value of a setting actually is. The easiest way to find this is to ask puppet directly by running puppet config print modulepath with either the setting you're interested in, modulepath in this case, or with no arguments (or all) to list all the settings and their values

You should run the config print commands as the user that puppet runs as to avoid receiving information based on your user account:

# as me
$ puppet config print modulepath

# as the root user - which puppet runs as on this system
$ puppet config print modulepath
$ sudo puppet --configprint modulepath

If you want more details, such as an explanation of each of the config settings you can run sudo puppet master --genconfig and it will include a description and the default value of the setting. Between these commands you should be able to determine exactly what puppet is doing, no matter what differences there are in operating system platforms or local overrides.